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Welcome to the online presence of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School!

The last week of January each year is Catholic Schools Week for the 教堂 in America. Catholic Schools Week reminds us of the great blessing that Catholic schools, 尤其是教区学校, 都是为了我们的孩子, 他们的家庭和世界. We are proud of our place in that great tradition 而且 of the excellent Catholic formation 而且 education that our students receive here at Our Lady of Lourdes.

The school is so vibrant 而且 mature that it seems that it has been a part of the Christian history of Kendall forever. While we have Open House scheduled throughout the year, you are always welcome to drop in 而且 see us in action. Come 而且 see the good news in person!

A question that always arises is that of cost. Tuition at the school is set to cover the daily operating costs of the school. We then look to use the funds raised in special events like the Festival for capital improvements 而且 special projects. 请, do not assume that you cannot afford to send your children to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School. The faith-based education 而且 formation they receive here is too important to miss 而且 we have tuition assistance for active members of our parish family.

If you are not already an active member of our parish family, we invite you to join us. This beautiful school is the fruit of a beautiful Catholic parish family.

Msgr. 肯尼思·施旺格,牧师

365体育官网Msgr. 肯尼斯·Schwanger

Msgr. Schwanger was born April 25, 1960, in Harrisburg, Pa. He graduated from Middletown Area High School there, then followed his father to Florida, where he graduated from the University of Florida in 1982. He went to the University of Florida Law School, obtaining his law degree in 1984.

That same year, he entered the seminary, completing his studies at St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary in Boynton Beach. He was ordained for the Archdiocese of Miami on May 12, 1990.

In addition to his duties at Our Lady of Lourdes, he serves as adjutant judicial vicar of the archdiocesan Tribunal, promoter of justice for the archdiocese, president of Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School in Miami, chairman of the permanent diaconate advisory board 而且 judge for the Tribunal of Nassau, 巴哈马群岛.

目前Msgr. Schwanger是 我们卢尔德圣母教堂.

Talking a little bit more about him...

What he did before becoming a priest:

“我去上学了. I worked for the University of Florida as an attorney. 我还为赖斯曼工作过 & Brynn, a law firm that is no longer in existence, 而且 I h而且led immigration matters for the Archdiocese of Miami."

Person most surprised by his vocation:

"My friends because they thought I could do good things as a lawyer. They did not see a need for me to be a priest. It seemed radical to them at the time. 他们仍然是我的朋友."


"Being the pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes. It is the universal 教堂 in miniature. 世界上有很多文化. 这是一个非常活跃的社区. There are always more things to respond to 而且 develop. 我从来不会无聊地醒来. And the spirit of our community is extraordinarily positive."

The most difficult aspect of being a priest:

"It is seeing the suffering for those who do not respond to Christ. It is knowing that if they gave their life to Christ, it would change their lives. I know the stories of people intimately, 而且 the desperation, hurt 而且 struggle people face. If they would give their life to Christ 而且 believe, it would change everything."

'If (people) would give their life to Christ 而且 believe, it would change everything.'

What the seminary did not prepare him for:

"Nothing prepares you for everything. The seminary gave me the tools I needed."

What he would be doing if he had not become a priest:

"I would probably be an attorney, working in legal aid or government work."

His description of the ideal priest:

"He loves God 而且 loves his people."

A priestly stereotype that he feels should be discarded:

"The thing about stereotypes is that they are partial truths. 它们是不完整的. Priests are as different as there are people in the world. 人们需要意识到这一点."


“我走. If I have the whole day off, I walk a 15-mile circuit. I have walked El Camino de Santiago three times, 而且 I have been on it a total of eight times. 我也拜访朋友."


"'The Lion in Winter' because of its artful use of the English language in the dialog. The recent movie I have seen is 'The Way,' written 而且 directed by Emilio Estevez 而且 starring his father, 马丁·辛. 我真的很喜欢这部电影. It is a good portrayal of the human stories that get intertwined 而且 grow along the Way of St. James 而且 the cinematography is great. It is more challenging physically than the movie lets on. It helped me relive my experiences 而且 remember the people I have met over those years."




El Sueño del Celta. 凯尔特之梦."




“我的妈妈和爸爸. They were good souls 而且 normal people."


"There is not enough time to do all that I want to do 而且 experience it all."


"A Mass where everyone is connected 而且 you feel the Spirit."




"I don't know that person 而且 I would rather not."

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